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New Touton Sustainability report 2022-23 released!

In its 175th anniversary year, the Touton Group once again demonstrates its ability to persevere and adapt in the face of yet another distinctive year, highlighting its resilience and agility. The release of its 2022-2023 sustainability report serves as a testament to the group’s ability to confront new challenges...

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Data model to spot covid negative effects awarded by the UN

The strength and the length of the Covid pandemic are adding an extra level of socio-economic pressure on vulnerable populations, including coffee or cocoa farming households in certain African regions. Loss of income, struggle to secure food, or children having to drop school to support their families, are some of the negative consequences brought by the health crises, hindering our collective capacity to address the United Nations Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs).

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Cavally project: Restoring forests & empowering communities

Exceptional collaboration between the public and private sectors aims to protect the Cavally Forest. Initiated by the Ivorian government, Earthworm Foundation and Nestlé in 2020, the Cavally Forest restoration project is now welcoming new partners to achieve greater impact.

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Building our roadmap for low-carbon value chains

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In the face of the climate emergency, a complete understanding and control of our carbon footprint are essential to actively contribute to the collective effort. Mastering GHG emissions also offers tangible tools to support both our agro-industrial clients, as well as cocoa, coffee, and ingredients producers, in addressing the challenges of the natural, regulatory, and economic transformations of our value chains.

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Newly RA certified Touton Uganda coffee supply chain

Touton Uganda, one of the country’s leading green coffee exporters, has become the first in all of East and Southern Africa to earn the Rainforest Alliance certification against their new 2020 standard. In this article, we explore the motivation and certification journey behind this milestone achievement toward building a sustainable supply chain in Kasese.

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New research method to improve child labor measurement

REALITY CHECK BASED INNOVATION - A new socio-economic study by Marine Jouvin, Ph.D. candidate at Bordeaux University and Policy Impact Assessment Researcher at Touton, shows that the prevalence of child labor within cocoa supply chains is likely to be underestimated, due to a concept called social desirability bias...

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CO2 emissions: getting the full picture

The Touton group is currently working on finalizing its first carbon footprint assessment. Gaining a clear picture of the nature and sources of GHG emissions generated by the trade of tropical agricultural commodities is the mandatory first step towards building an evidence-based, impactful, and conscious plan to fight climate change.

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Coffee & vanilla for regenerative agriculture in Kasese (UG)

Touton is proud to co-invest with IDH and IKEA foundation for the Coffee Farmer Income Resilience Program in Uganda. Leveraging on our multicrop know-how and extensive trading capacities, Touton will engage 5000 smallholder coffee farmers - who also grow cocoa, vanilla, and birds ‘eye chilies - to foster diversification for income resilience and transition their farm systems towards regenerative agriculture.

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