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Spices & Ingredients

A key component of Touton’s bustling trade activity

Spice and ingredients trade have played a major role in the development of Touton’s activities since the group’s foundation in the mid 19 thCentury


Originally, Touton’s spice and ingredients business was conducted through its subsidiary ‘Sivanil’ which was later reabsorbed into the company.

The spices and ingredients division began trading in spices in 2005 and African products in 2011. Today, the division offers a comprehensive line of products, mostly from Madagascar, Africa and Asia.

Quality is assured by the combination of expertise in the spice and ingredients industry and Touton’s solid experience. With office locations in the countries that produce its spices and ingredients, Touton oversees and controls merchandise at the very source.


Touton offers a variety of spices and natural ingredients, from cinammon to cloves, annato seeds, pepper, sesame seeds, ginger and bees’ wax.
Most of our ingredients are sourced in Africa (Madagascar, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Comores, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Uganda) while others are sourced in Indonesia and Vietnam. Touton remains flexible to meet customers’ specific needs year on year.

Sustainable sourcing

Like most food stuffs, the natural ingredients’ sector is also initiating sustainability activities in origin countries. Touton is currently looking at developing projects to support ingredient producers in its key origins.