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  • Sac Touton

    Our aim is to continue to grow as a leading agro-industrial actor, providing innovative solutions that generate value all along our supply-chains, from countries of origin to final customers

    We provide innovative solutions that generate value all along our supply-chains.

    Patrick de Boussac – Touton CEO

About Touton

Touton is a leading agro-industrial actor.
Our know-how builds on over 150 years’ experience of providing our customers with high quality commodities and services

In addition to delivering responsibly-sourced cocoa, coffee, vanilla and natural ingredients, we are now increasing our engagement in commodity-producing countries through processing operations in cocoa.
With subsidiaries in originating regions, and agents in key locations, Touton’s strength lies in the skills of its workers, the cultural diversity of its teams, and a deep understanding of the countries in which the company operates.

Global Presence

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Our Philosophy

Pioneering inclusive programmes that address the needs of stakeholders all along the supply-chain

Touton is dedicated to upholding its shareholders' commitment to sustainability. Building on its strong footing in the countries that produce the commodities it trades and processes, the company is pioneering inclusive programmes that address the needs of stakeholders all along the supply-chain.
Touton partners with actors from the public, private and civil society sectors to develop innovative projects that support the business-case for sustainable commodity production.

By doing so, Touton contributes to the preservation of resources for future generations and to reinforcing individual and institutional capacities of the stakeholders it engages with.

When deciding to start a new programme Touton consistently seeks to apply the following principles:

  • We endeavour to act where we feel we can make a difference. We work hard to conduct needs assessments before we start projects and to measure the impact of what we do.
  • We partner with the best civil-society, public and private sector actors to deliver results.
  • We ensure programmes are in line with the company’s code of ethics
  • We support and implement programmes that support the communities we source our products from when it comes to human rights, working conditions, and reducing/mitigating environmental impact.
  • We support programmes that are connected to Touton’s business principles, and that can become financially sustainable over time.

Our Values


Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Touton’s values.
While we build on over 150 years of experience we constantly challenge the status quo and seek to innovate and break new ground.


We believe that passion drives excellence.
Passion for the products we trade and process, as well as passion for the countries where we operate.


We take pride in delivering quality products and services to our customers.
That is why we believe in retaining and motivating the best skilled workers to maintain the group’s reputation for excellence.


Touton takes its responsibilitytowards its shareholders, suppliers, workers and customers at heart.
We aim to act responsibly both in our commercial and social impact work.


Our People
  • Our People

    Touton employs over 900 workers in four continents

    Shareholders, managers and workers alike all contribute to the group’s growth and success. From the farm to the desk, our teams are passionate about the products we trade and transform.

    Our value-chain management requires the combination of many different skill-sets and competencies.
    We employ individuals that understand the cultures of the countries where we operate, and the specific needs of our clients, be it for tasks as diverse as weather forecasting, agronomic expertise, or logistics operations.

    Over 90% of our teams are based in product sourcing countries. Top management and shareholders that are based in Bordeaux or in Geneva, make regular site-visits to our operations at origin.

    Conscious that our workforce is one of our greatest assets, we believe in providing a stimulating working environment and in providing workers with the resources to grow in their jobs.

    In addition to the group’s sustainability activities, it also supports a number of philanthropic endeavours. Touton employees regularly volunteer to participate in fund-raising activities.