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New Touton Sustainability report 2022-23 released!


In its 175th anniversary year, the Touton Group once again demonstrates its ability to adapt in the face of yet another distinctive year, highlighting its resilience and agility. The release of its 2022-2023 sustainability report serves as a testament to the group’s ability to confront new challenges: by adjusting its business strategy to overtake sustainability and compliance requirements, and by investing in climate-friendly solutions, whilst strengthening its collaboration with partner producers.

Over the past year, tropical agricultural value chains have faced a multitude of challenges, ranging from the immediate negative economic impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to the cocoa and coffee production deficits, and tensions in the vanilla sector. Additionally, the longer-term underlying challenges of climate change and the economic development of producing countries in relation to these commodities are transforming markets and regulations.

“At a time when the European Union is stepping up the pace of supply chain regulation, we must also deal with a historically high market and anticipate the prospect of tighter production level in the year ahead. In the search for efficient solutions, each of these challenges puts to test our capacity to adapt and innovate. To meet and surpass these challenges, we draw on our values to convert those issues into opportunities and to become a driving force for change.” Patrick de Boussac, CEO of the Touton Group said.

The sustainability report of the Touton Group released today, after its 175th birthday celebrations and following International Cocoa and Coffee Days, highlights how the company chose to leverage its expertise as a supply chain manager to lead by example while remaining transparent on its difficulties:

CULTIVATING AUDACITY: By investing in research, partnerships, and startup-led solutions to support the climate and economic resilience of partner producers in cocoa, coffee, and ingredients. Some of the examples highlighted in the report encompass:

  • Partnering with leading initiatives and favouring multistakeholder approaches such as the Cavally Landscape project to protect the forest reserve or the CLEF, Child Learning and Education Facility project to tackle the underlying causes of child labour in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Developing its own grassroots targeted innovative programmes including “Child Ambassadors”, allowing children to become agents of positive change in Ghana’s cocoa supply chains or setting up “Agripreneurs” brigades to support employment for youth and offer cocoa (Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana) or coffee (Uganda) farmers a range of agricultural services.

Sustainability report 22 23 Touton in Figures visual med

INCREASING AGILITY: By ensuring the efficient management of its supply chains and offering a level of service excellence to its customers, beyond compliance.

  • Strengthening of the company’s vertical integration and subsidiary network with a new 25 000m2 logistics platform in San Pedro, Côte d’Ivoire, and the opening of Kahawa Pamoja, a new sourcing entity in Tanzania for Arabica coffee.
  • Combating global warming and deforestation by working on its low carbon pathway, but also offering climate-friendly and regenerative agriculture-based coffee supply chains in Uganda and Tanzania.
  • Initiating a unique Sustainable Procurement Standard by Touton, based on the company’s expertise to go even faster and further in the sustainable conversion of its value chains.

GUARANTEEING INTEGRITY: By strengthening the group’s governance structure and consolidating its compliance tools.

  • Improving third-party evaluation assessments, anti-corruption, and management by quality systems.
  • Renewing its set of audited KPIs and indicators for greater transparency, monitoring of Touton’s impact and of how business is conducted.

These changes wouldn’t be possible without the undeniable know-how of the men and women that constitute the Touton Group. The report also provides evidence of how the company capitalises on its internal resources to attract and support talents and diversity.

For more information read our full report, available in English and French: